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Online Marketing Company in Mohali

Right now is the time to get started if you wish to keep up with your online marketing business. In recent time lot of business generates from online and mobile searches. Due to which it has become necessary to keep online marketing strategy in place. Otherwise you will always remain behind the curve. So if you want to get your business and efforts up and of course running in no time. Then do visit our Online Marketing Company in Mohali once. At AAPATEZ we have such a marketing strategy that will take your business beyond the reach of anyone:

  • After defining your keyword strategy we will optimize your website.
  • Then we create a blog it will increase the reach of your brand and message.
  • Then we promote your content through all forms of media. It will boost your business in fact your leads will turn into conversions.
  • We will even analyze and refine your strategies. It will help us to reach the goal set.

Facebook marketing company in Mohali:

Facebook being one of the top social networking sites across the globe. When it comes to online marketing there is no other better platform besides Facebook. This site has millions of members who use to visit their pages on a regular basis. Our Online Marketing Company in Mohali will bring your business listed on there. Our APDATEZ experts will drive all the consumer traffic to your website for sure. As social media is only about engaging users and not selling any by products.

Google Ad Word Company in Mohali:

Advertising have always been in use since the evolution of mankind. But wall posters and sales messages of that time have got now old. Even advertising and site promotion have got specialized. Actually Google Ad Words have become a little confusing. Though if you visit our Online Marketing Company in Mohali. You can take the advantages of its features. At APDATEZ we will not only help you to achieve large amount of competent traffic. Even by using PPC we will give an instant boost to your business.

You tube marketing company in Mohali:

No one can deny it that you tube has opened up new doors. Especially for those who were looking for advertising opportunities? Its tools have become the prime resources for companies to reach to their audiences. In fact there is a phrase for it too that the bigger the audience is the better the tool gets. You tube has variety of sharing options. Once you start working with our Online Marketing Company in Mohali at APDATEZ. Your business will get a huge online presence across all internet mediums. Actually at that time your goal also must have to achieve success as a sharing company.

SMS Marketing Company in Mohali:

Today’s customers have got connected to mobile content like never before. In fact SMS marketing is approaching towards a choice when it comes to keep customers up to date. Whether your business’s main aim is on everyday consumer. Or it is more towards updating your company’s latest products. When you work with our Online Marketing Company in Mohali you will know its importance. As within all the approaches of marketing SMS marketing is the new experience.

Whatsapp marketing in Mohali:

When it comes to social advertising no one can deny the role of Whatsapp. It not only gives an advantage to the sales department by boosting their sales. The so called social marketers can even make a grip with their existing and new customers. All its features are making its users amazed. Especially when it is comes to connect with your potential customers. At Online Marketing Company in Mohali we will serve you as anybody else. Our APDATEZ experts will create a strong marketing channel for your business. You will also get much presence for your business more than anything else.

Email Marketing in Mohali:

Digital marketing has become a great exposure today. Not only because it is an emotion to sell a product or service. This service has become much of a trend today. Email marketing which is one of its parts has become got to go scheme with social media. Today lots of marketers are receiving emails while promoting their business through clicks. At our Online Marketing Company in Mohali when you work with our APDATEZ experts. You will get various advantages:

  • Possible reach
  • Actual reach
  • You will get astounding count when it comes to click through rates.
  • You will even receive feedback from your potential customers.

So if you are willing to take any of our marketing service. Don’t hesitate to call us. We would like to hear from you and let you know about our terms and conditions.

For further details you can contact us at: 7528000242

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Web Designing Pricing In India

Build your own website to promote your business at very cheap prices. Not only the website but also the domain booking and hosting is all that we provide here. Below are our packages that you can choose according to requirement.

Rs. 3,999/- Up to 5 pages

Basic plan

  • Domain Name
  • Social Links Integration
  • Free Web Hosting (1 Year)
  • Home & Internal Web Pages (Total 10)
  • Corporate Email ID's (5 Email ID's)
  • Mobile/iPad Compatibility
  • Google Location Map
Rs. 5,999/- Up to 10 pages

Standard Plan

  • Domain Name
  • Social Links Integration
  • Free Web Hosting (1 Year)
  • Home & Internal Web Pages (Total 25)
  • Corporate Email ID's (15 Email ID's)
  • Mobile/iPad Compatibility
  • Google Location Map
Rs. 19,999/- Unlimited pages

Enterprise Plan

  • Domain Name
  • Social Links Integration
  • Free Web Hosting (1 Year)
  • Home & Internal Web Pages (Unlimited)
  • Corporate Email ID's (Unlimited Email ID's)
  • Mobile/iPad Compatibility
  • Google Location Map

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