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Welcome to Apdatez! We are the one who goes beyond your imagination. We have a team that helps you

for technology-driven solution. We are the venture that designs a business.

Website Designing

Give a successful kick start to your business by designing attract website to keep your online presence on the internet.

Domain & Hosting

Now you can register a domain name and get hosting for your website fast and reliable manner anytime with us.


Our branding service will help you last lifelong. We make it easy for you to build your brand according to your requirements.

Web Development

Now you can get a website according to your choice by getting the best web development service by our professionals.

Responsive Design

Today responsive designs are very important if you also want to get a digital experience of your website on your Smartphone.

Digital Marketing

Get the best advertising services to promote your business with our digital marketing services to grow your business.

Content Writing

Get unique content for your website by our professional content writers who provide fresh and unique content for websites.

Brochure Design

Get affordable Brochure Design service so more people get know about your product and can't stop turning pages of the brochure.

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Website Designing in Mohali; It is a process of creation and maintenance of a website. It includes various areas which at last conclude into the development of a website. In short web design specifies about the process of design which we later see as output. It is not the work of an individual by the way only the designers are ought to cover this work. Today with the rise of new era the web is getting unified into the lives of people. It has not only changed the face of web to a large extent. The way people were accessing the web has also gone through a significant change. Due to this reason websites usually go through regular improvements. Today website designing is not only a skill it has become the highest paid occupation. Due to this reason more people are moving towards it rather than choosing other skills. We at APDATEZ are the pioneers in web designing services. At Mohali we have gone through all leaps and bounds. Today we are not only giving website designing services to various companies. We even train the students who want to explore the world of web and its utilities. So if you are interested in this service do visit us.

Website designing company in Mohali

The pace of technology and modernization has changed the face of Mohali. This city was not like it what it is today? Being an industrial area it has entered into the cities with most tech based companies. Whatever way we look especially the city side lot of companies are now set up here. Not only multinational companies are investing here and opening their branches. Some are even already based here and are working. We at APDATEZ are one of them. As per Website Designing in Mohali concerns we have much years of experience. Today we create website designs as per the user experience. Being experts in creating client based sites. We are also now working with non governmental agencies. Some in fact have got so satisfied that they are willing to work with us again.

Website designer in Mohali:

We all are aware that only a website designer can carry out the website designing process. But today more than being a designer the main thing that matters is the skills. By having the knowledge about the programming languages is great. But a professional also must have to remain updated with latest tool and technology. People who are skillful often have unique ways to make website interface useful. This has driven a trend of recruiting mass user base with universal experience. We at APDATEZ have not only the best web designers. They are even adaptable of creating any of the design. As per the latest technology concerns we always work as per it. It not only helps us to create better designs. We even include some additives to make it a better experience for the user.

Website making in Mohali:

The making of a website tell us about various things. The one thing we all know that designs are of various categories.

  • Actually by keeping first things first you have to go for a domain name of it. As without it we can no longer access the website.
  • After that we have to host this website on the internet with the help of a web host.
  • Then once you design your web pages. You have to first test the website at your place. It will not only help you in making the job done. You can even make further improvements lacking behind.

We at APDATEZ usually deal with making of websites. After achieving a satisfied user base we get most of the project relating with the making of website. As scheduled above we always go through this step by step procedure. It not only helps us to complete projects on time. We even have achieved largest dealing with each client.

Best website designing company in Mohali

Now-a-days everyone wants the best work when it comes to showcase the utilities. As hitting the right user base is not that easy. It is not even better without a website. Due to this reason people usually look for best web designing companies. When it comes to Mohali it is very difficult to keep at a par rate. As with each passing day every company is giving the best to the user. But at APATEZ we have our own reputation and in fact the experience. These things are giving us the lead in the latest trending market.

Website Designer contact number

We all know that only a website designer is a professional in designing websites. Some are even well skilled and can manage everything which relate with it. Due to this reason not only the companies but also the clients are in search of them. As they want the best quality designs to promote their business services. We at APATEZ are always beyond when it comes to the give web designing services. Being professionals our designers makes us flexible for any time service. So if you want to bring your business on top you can contact our designers sooner or later. You will get the services on the basis of your wishes. In fact you have to follow our terms and conditions later.

For further details you can contact us at: 7528000242

Web designing training in Mohali

Today’s open market has endless opportunities and so do the courses. In fact various courses are being introduced as per the latest technology. Everyone seeks for the courses which have wide scope. Some even go for the courses to which they feel compatible. Due to this reason now-a-days many youths are keen to explore web designing. Keeping this in mind we at APDATEZ also provide training related with it. As per the interest of the students we also give them its advance concepts. We can even make them job ready if they are keen for it. So if you are also the one who have the passion to become a designer of tomorrow? Then you can contact us anytime. You only have to make sure about our terms and conditions.

For further details you can contact us at: 7528000242

Do you have project in mind? let's start a friendly conversation +91-7528000241

Our Process



Our professionals always meet the requirement of the client by providing the best possible web solution services. Services offered by us are completely reliable and satisfactory. Our clients are a priority for us and we always try to deliver the best product. Scheduling the meeting is always let us known about their requirement and feedback related to the product.



We plan everything from scratch to finishing of the product. Planning is the initiation when a project has been started. Thus we plan everything according to the things mentioned by clients. Everything gets executed according to the plan and it always becomes easy for professionals to analyze where the change is required. From designing to maintenance we have planned everything.


Design & Development

During this phase, our professionals have been started with actual work. They start designing and developing the website according to the requirement of a client. Either static or dynamic we can design any website in this phase by following the software based on the latest technology. Our service will surely bring the best website for your business project.



For the process of validation, we have a testing phase we analyze the whole project or website and check whether it is working accurately. If there is any problem then that is quickly fixed by the professionals so that we can deliver the best website for our clients those who trust us. Here testing is done on an advanced level.



After completion of everything the phase that left is LAUNCH. In this phase, the project is executed and delivered to the clients. One can get their website online and look at their working. Our professionals carefully test the website and after that launch it online. They do their best so that the client will get a website which they have imagined for.



Feedback is very important for us, clients review can help us to improve our service so that next time we will deliver them something best from which they have expected. We always get positive feedback which increases our morale so that we always fulfill the need of the client and give the best of the service on time always.

On Time
No. of Projects

Why Choose Us

We always deliver the project at the right time. Our strong and positive relationship makes you become part of our company. We are a one-stop business savvy web solution company.

Expertise in Custom Design & Development

We are expert in custom design and development of the website and meet the requirement of our clients by delivering the best.

Transparency at Every State of Project

There is complete transparency while we are working on projects so that client knows about how their project is working.

On Time Delivery

We never delay the delivery of the project. We always deliver that on time so that we meet your requirement.

SEO Friendly

Websites which we made are mostly SEO friendly which takes less to rank higher on the various search engines.

Instant Support on Call

We are always available on the phone to help you to cater your need by solving your problem and delivering the best.

Fully Responsive

Our websites are fully responsive that you can have its view on any digital device and Smartphone very efficiently.

Do you have project in mind? let's start a friendly conversation +91-7528000241


Here you can get a glimpse of the projects that we have successfully finished and appreciated by many of our clients. We are known for our accuracy and uniqueness of the projects that we make for our clients.



Web Designing Pricing In India

Build your own website to promote your business at very cheap prices. Not only the website but also the domain booking and hosting is all that we provide here. Below are our packages that you can choose according to requirement.

Rs. 3,999/- Up to 5 pages

Basic plan

  • Domain Name
  • Social Links Integration
  • Free Web Hosting (1 Year)
  • Home & Internal Web Pages (Total 10)
  • Corporate Email ID's (5 Email ID's)
  • Mobile/iPad Compatibility
  • Google Location Map
Rs. 5,999/- Up to 10 pages

Standard Plan

  • Domain Name
  • Social Links Integration
  • Free Web Hosting (1 Year)
  • Home & Internal Web Pages (Total 25)
  • Corporate Email ID's (15 Email ID's)
  • Mobile/iPad Compatibility
  • Google Location Map
Rs. 19,999/- Unlimited pages

Enterprise Plan

  • Domain Name
  • Social Links Integration
  • Free Web Hosting (1 Year)
  • Home & Internal Web Pages (Unlimited)
  • Corporate Email ID's (Unlimited Email ID's)
  • Mobile/iPad Compatibility
  • Google Location Map

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